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The Dark Knight Full-screen Single-disc Edition at Gotham City Store
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Manufacturer Description

Studio: Warner Residence Movie Release Day: 12/09/2008 Run time: 151 minutes Rating: Pg13

The Dark Knight comes with tremendous buzz (best superhero motion picture at any time? posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger?), and exceptionally, it lives up to all of it. But phoning it the best superhero motion picture at any time appears like faint praise, since portion of what helps make the motion picture fantastic--in addition to pitch-perfect casting, fantastic writing, and a persuasive vision--is that it bypasses the normal fantasy element of the superhero genre and helps make it all terrifyingly actual. Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) is Gotham City's new district legal professional, billed with cleansing up the crime rings that have paralyzed the metropolis. He enters an uneasy alliance with the young police lieutenant, Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), and Batman (Christian Bale), the caped vigilante who appears to believe in only Gordon--and whom only Gordon appears to believe in. They make development until finally a psychotic and fatal new participant enters the match: the Joker (Heath Ledger), who provides the crime bosses a answer--kill the Batman. Additional complicating matters is that Dent is now dating Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal, after Katie Holmes turned down the possibility to reprise her function), the longtime adore of Batman's alter moi, Bruce Wayne.

In his last completed function ahead of his tragic loss of life, Ledger is fantastic as the Joker, a volcanic, really horrifying power of evil. And he sets the tone of the motion picture: the entire world is a darkish, dangerous place where there are no simple alternatives. Eckhart and Oldman also shine, but as excellent as Bale is, his character turns out relatively bland in comparison (not uncommon for heroes experiencing much more colorful villains). Director-cowriter Christopher Nolan (Memento) follows his critically heralded Batman Begins with an even far better sequel that sets alone aside from notable superhero motion pictures like Spider-Male two and Iron Male because of its sheer psychological impact and striking feeling of realism--there are no suspension-of-disbelief superpowers below. At 152 minutes, it's a shade as well long, and it's considerably as well intensive for kids. But for most motion picture followers--and not just superhero followers--The Dark Knight is a movie for the ages. --David Horiuchi

On the Blu-ray disc
The Dark Knight on Blu-ray is a fantastic residence-theater showoff disc. The depth and shades are tremendous in each darkish and vibrant scenes (the Gotham Common scene is a fantastic example of the latter), and the punishing Dolby TrueHD soundtrack helps make the house rattle. (Following providing us only Dolby in a number of big Blu-ray frees this fall, Warner arrived by means of with Dolby TrueHD on this one.) 1 of the most fascinating factors of The Dark Knight was how certain scenes had been shot in IMAX, and if you observed the motion picture in an IMAX theater the film's factor ratio would abruptly adjust from common two.40:one to a thrilling one.43:one that loaded the display screen 6 tales substantial. For the Blu-ray disc, director Christopher Nolan has relatively re-produced this expertise by shifting his movie from two.40:one factor ratio (by means of most of the movie) to one.78:one in the IMAX scenes. Whilst the effect is not as dramatic as it was in theaters, it's still an eye-catching expertise to be observing the movie on a widescreen Tv set with black bars at the top rated and bottom, then viewing the one.78:one scenes totally fill the display screen. The principal advantage function on disc one is "Gotham Uncovered: The Development of a Scene," which is 81 minutes of at the rear of-the-scenes footage about the IMAX scenes, the Bat match, Gotham Central, and other individuals. You can observe the movie and access these featurettes when the icon pops up, or you can just observe them from the principal menu. A welcome and strange function is that in addition to English, French, and Spanish audio and subtitles, there is an audio-explained choice that enables the sight-impaired to expertise the movie as properly.

Disc two has two forty five-minute documentaries on Bat-gadgets and on the psychology of Batman, each in substantial definition. They combine motion picture clips, chatting heads, and comic-ebook panels, but are not the sort of point one wants to observe 2 times. Far more engaging are 6 eight-minute segments of Gotham Central, a faux-information system that provides some background to gatherings in the motion picture, additionally a variety of trailers, poster art, and much more. The BD-Are living aspect on disc one is much more fascinating than on some earlier Blu-ray discs, which could be just a issue of the material commencing to catch up with the technologies. There are three new image-in-image commentaries, by Jerry Robinson (creator of the Joker), DC Comics president Paul Levitz, and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.--he's a Batman admirer who's made some motion picture and Tv set cameos), additionally you can record your own commentary and upload it for other individuals to observe. There are also three new featurettes ("Sound of the Batpod," "Harvey Dent's Concept," and "Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard") and two movement comics ("Mad Really like," featuring Harley Quinn, and "The Shadow of Ra's Al Ghul"). Very last, there is a digital replicate of the movie appropriate with iTunes and Windows Mass media (common definition, expires 12/9/09). --David Horiuchi