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Nightwing Vol. 1: Better Than Batman (Rebirth) at Gotham City Store

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Nightwing Vol. 1: Better Than Batman (Rebirth) at Gotham City Store
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Manufacturer Description

He was the first Robin-- and a replacement Batman. He was a superspy-- and a dead man. Now, after going underground and worldwide in a fight to reclaim the secret identity that was taken from him, Penis Grayson is returning to Gotham as his own man, his own hero: Nightwing!But stepping back into his old life isn't as simple as placing on his familiar black and blue outfit. Not when his previous employer, Batman, insists he needs to work solo. Not when he's trying to revive a love with Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, who's got a life and crime-fighting career of her own. When a mysterious masked man called Raptor dives in, declaring to be an ally but looking every bit the opponent, Nightwing should sign up with forces with Raptor to take down Parliament of Owls, the all-powerful criminal conspiracy that's left its nest in Gotham City and is spreading its wings around the world.To pull it all off, Nightwing need to be more than equal to his mentor.He's got to be better.NIGHTWING VOLUME 1: BETTER THAN BATMAN marks the return of among the most precious heroes in comics, from writer Tim

Seeley(GRAYSON ), artist Javier Fernandez( RED HOOD/ARSENAL) and colorist Chris Sotomayor( BIRDS OF VICTIM). This great brand-new starting point gathers NIGHTWING: REBIRTH # 1 and NIGHTWING # 1-4 and # 7-8!