LEGO Penguin - Batman Key Chain at Gotham City Store

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LEGO Penguin - Batman Key Chain at Gotham City Store
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We are pleased to present the Gotham City, citizen favorite 'LEGO Penguin - Batman Key Chain'.

The offer of this favorite selling item is from LEGO; who is 'DC Comics' licensed, and is a company people can have confidence in.

The 'LEGO Penguin - Batman Key Chain' is a grand purchase.

The sale price of the LEGO Penguin - Batman Key Chain is reduced and comes highly acclaimed. It is a regular choice among most savvy shoppers. LEGO has given some stunning workmanship which results in great value.

Please take the time, as we ask our customers to read the helpful 'Product Reviews' of every item to find out if our other customers were satisfied with their purchases. Batman and his friends believe that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

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Manufacturer Description

Would-be burglars be wary! The dastardly Penguin is on the prowl, straight from the LEGO Batman selection. No kinds using your keys even though hes got his palms on them!Important stealers are in for an icy surprise!

Product Features

The penguin is on the prowl Straight from the LEGO Batman collection No one will take your keys while he guards them Recommended for ages 6 and up