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KidsEmbrace WB Baby Batman On Board 2 Piece Window Shade at Gotham City Store

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KidsEmbrace WB Baby Batman On Board 2 Piece Window Shade at Gotham City Store
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Our 'KidsEmbrace WB Baby Batman On Board 2 Piece Window Shade', available from Gotham City Store and ready to be shipped to your door.

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Manufacturer Description

A window shade by definition is planned to make things cool, but the Batman Baby Window shade takes cool to a whole new level. The Batman Automobile Window Shade has a double layer design which gives you and your child visibility while in the car. This item provides two window shades so that you can cover more locations to safeguard your child from the suns glare and heat. The best window shade consists of mesh fabric with a Batman design and a static cling permitting simple application with no adhesives or suction cups. The light-weight flexible design makes removal, storage and recycling a breeze. The Kids Embrace window shade is a great present along with other Kids Embrace items. All Kids Embrace safety seat devices feature a One-Year Limited Guarantee.

Product Features

Comes in a pack of 2 premium high quality static cling window shades with Batman Mesh material allowing you and your child to maintain visibility Static cling backing easily installs and removes easily for most vehicle side windows The Kids Embrace Window shade protects your child from sunlight providing you a happy drive Easy twist and fold for storing when it is not sunny