Formal Black Satin Banded Men's Bow Tie at Gotham City Store

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Formal Black Satin Banded Men's Bow Tie at Gotham City Store
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The Gotham City Store and staff are delighted to offer the Commissioner favorite 'Formal Black Satin Banded Men's Bow Tie'.

The offer of this fine item is from Luxury Divas; who is 'DC Comics' licensed, and is a well known company people can believe in.

The 'Formal Black Satin Banded Men's Bow Tie' is a superb purchase.

The reduced price of the Formal Black Satin Banded Men's Bow Tie is brilliant and comes highly acclaimed. It is a favorite and favorite choice with lots of savvy shoppers. Luxury Divas has provided some stunning touches which gives you great value for your money.


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Manufacturer Description

This K. Alexander brand, deluxe satin concluded pre-tied strong black bow tie functions a superior build quality and entirely adjustable band, allowing it to match neck measurements from twelve to 23 inches while lasting for a long time of provider. This necktie is a official necktie and can be worn quite formally, or dressed down. It is ideal for weddings, performances and even every day use. This bow tie is not a minimal quality costume tie, but could be utilized as element of a costume.


Brand: K. Alexander
Coloration: Black
Fashion: Pre-tied banded bow tie
Neck size: Adjusts from twelve to 23 inches
Bow width: four.five inches broad at the widest level
Bow peak: two.25 inches tall at the tallest level
Content: Satin Completed Polyester

Product Features

Solid Black Satin Finished Polyester by K. Alexander Pre-Tied with an adjustable band that wraps around the collar Adjustable to fit neck sizes from 12 inches to 23 inches Bow size: 4.5 inches wide, by 2.25 inches tall Luxurious satin finish give this tie a slight sheen