BatmanPresents Deluxe Batman Gift Box at Gotham City Store

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BatmanPresents Deluxe Batman Gift Box at Gotham City Store
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We are pleased to bring you the Gotham City, citizen favorite 'BatmanPresents Deluxe Batman Gift Box'.

The availability of this fast moving item is from BatmanPresents; who is 'DC Comics' licensed, and is a brand shoppers can have confidence in.

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Manufacturer Description

The deluxe gift box contains eleven distinct things that each and every Batman supporter must have. Hand selected things retail for above $90 pounds. The Gift Box contains: Large Batman T shirt eight inch Plush Toy Batman Fridge Magnet five inch sticker two inch sticker 8gb Batman Flash Travel with Keychain Collectible Batman Comedian Guide (Each and every gift box contains a distinct comic e-book) Lanyard Batman Keychain one inch Batman Button/Pin Mobile phone/Tablet Monitor Wipe Quality Gift Box and Seal Everything is carefully packed in a Quality gift box, prepared to gift or ship. The Excellent gift for Batman Supporters of all Ages. Get them prior to they operate out.

Product Features

11 Hand Picked Batman Gifts in a Premium Gift Box Includes Batman Plush Toy, USB Flash Drive, Fridge Magnet, Keychain, Lanyard, T-Shirt, Button, 5in & 2in Stickers, Collectible Comic Book, and Screen Wipe Over a 90 Dollar value, only 49.99 Everything is carefully packed in a Premium gift box, ready to gift or ship. The Perfect gift for Batman Fans of all Ages. Get them before they run out.