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Batman Year One by DC Comics

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Batman Year One by DC Comics
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Today, we are pleased to offer to you the well respected,Batman Year One.

This product is made available from DC Comics, who is a 'DC Comics' licensed, highly respected company.

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Manufacturer Description

A New York Moments Best Seller!

A deluxe trade paperback edition of one particular of the most essential and critically heralded Batman adventures ever, composed by Frank Miller, author of THE Darkish KNIGHT RETURNS!

In addition to telling the whole remarkable story of Batman's very first 12 months battling crime, this collection includes reproductions of unique pencils, promotional artwork, script webpages, unseen David Mazzucchelli Batman artwork and far more.

Regardless of whether you grew up reading through Batman comics, watched the campy tv display, or eagerly await each new movie, this is the ebook for you. A retelling of the gatherings that led to Bruce Wayne's getting to be Batman, this ebook combines Frank Miller's tight movie-noir creating with David Mazucchelli's reliable artwork.