Batman Under The Red Hood Blu-ray

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Batman Under The Red Hood Blu-ray
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Manufacturer Description

Batman faces his final challenge as the mysterious Red Hood will take Gotham Metropolis by firestorm. One particular element vigilante, a single element criminal kingpin, Red Hood starts cleaning up Gotham with the efficiency of Batman, but with no following the very same ethical code. Killing is an alternative. And when the Joker falls in the stability among the two, difficult truths are uncovered and outdated wounds are reopened.

The animated journey Batman: Below the Red Hood pits the Dark Knight from a trio of his most fearsome enemies although making an attempt to uncover the true identity of the vigilante acknowledged as the Red Hood. Adapted by Judd Winick from his own comic e-book story arc, Below the Hood, as effectively as the late-'80s serial A Dying in the Loved ones, Below the Red Hood is a fairly dark affair, with sizeable amounts of violence, not the least of which is the act that will get the story in movement--the murder of Jason Todd, much better acknowledged as the 2nd Robin, by the Joker (voiced by John DiMaggio). The dying puts Batman (Bruce Greenwood) into a guilt-ridden tailspin, but there's small time for mourning, as the arrival of the Red Hood (Jensen Ackles of Supernatural) puts the Caped Crusader on the defensive. Jointly with original Robin Dick Grayson (Neil Patrick Harris), now running as Nightwing, his lookup for the Red Hood brings him in speak to with the Joker--who, as DC Comics followers don't forget, started his criminal occupation as the Red Hood and is portrayed listed here as a violent psychopath à la Frank Miller's depictions--as effectively as the immortal Ra's al Ghul (Jason Isaacs) and Gotham's foremost underworld kingpin, the fearsome Black Mask (Wade Williams). The confrontations among Batman and his foes are explosive but never ever overpower the spectacular weight of the story, which hinges on themes of regret, revenge, and redemption. Artwork is streamlined and expressive, although the scripting by Winick distills the essence of the comics into an motion-packed hour. --Paul Gaita

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