Batman Super Villains Catwoman

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Batman Super Villains Catwoman
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Today, we are now able to stock the Gotham City, citizen favorite 'Batman Super Villains Catwoman'.

The offer of this fast moving item is from Warner Home Video; who is 'DC Comics' licensed, and is a name customers have come to know and trust.

The 'Batman Super Villains Catwoman' is a common choice item.

The marked down price of the Batman Super Villains Catwoman is great and is most assuredly respected. It is always a regular selection with the majority of bargain buyers. Warner Home Video has created some great touches which provides good quality for your money.

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Manufacturer Description

From the shadows of Gotham Metropolis emerges a single of Batman's most misleading foes, Catwoman. A cunning jewel thief with an agenda of her possess, Catwoman retains a mysterious allure for the Caped Crusader, an allure that can be lethal! Select up the path with 3 interesting episodes starting with The Cat and the Claw, Part One. Batman foils Catwoman hoping to steal a beneficial necklace she intends to market to get a mountain lion protect, but it seems a certain underworld team, led by the mysterious Red Claw, has its sights set on the exact same piece of land. With Batman and Catwoman pressured to work together in The Cat and the Claw, Part Two, the not likely duo has their arms full in a showdown with Red Claw. Ultimately, witness Batgirl Returns, as Barbara Gordon once again dons the mask of Batgirl to look into the theft of a prized jade statue only to find Catwoman currently on the case. Collectively, with a magic formula ally in tow, they unravel a secret with far better implications. So, crack the whip and steal away to Gotham Metropolis for some journey with Batman and Catwoman!