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Batman Robin Vol 2 Batman Vs Robin

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Batman Robin Vol 2 Batman Vs Robin
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Manufacturer Description

Grant Morrison continues his habit of teaming up with A-list, critically commended artists by joining Cameron Stewart (Seven Troopers: MANHATTAN GUARDIAN) and Andy Clarke (BATMAN: Confront THE Confront) for the up coming fascinating chapter of the adventures of the new Powerful Duo!

The new Batman and Robin uncover clues involving the mysterious demise of Bruce Wayne ahead of facing off towards every other in a heated fight instigated by Robin's mother that each heroes will regret - if they live through it! Featuring a 3-issues storyline that ties into the greatest-offering BLACKEST Night celebration titled "Blackest Knight," this new selection is a need to-have for each new audience and longtime supporters of Grant Morrison's Batman epic as the superstar author unveils far more of his genre-defying masterplan!