Batman Movie 1989 With Gun Original Poster

Batman Movie 1989 With Gun Original Poster
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BATMAN WITH GUN THE MOVIE 1989 ORIGINAL POSTER SEALEDCheck our!Amazon "KOCHCOM" SHOP! View Countless Products! Portfolio Sets! Developer's Spotlight and More!THE KOCHCOM Amazon STORE!The Kochcom Amazon Shop! An Avalanche Of Wonder!Just Click This Line. View Other Batman Posters & Comic Products in Our Amazon Store!At The Kochcom Amazon Store.ORIGINAL BATMAN THE MOVIE POSTERS!BATMAN WITH GUN! 1989 ORIGINAL POSTER STILL FACTORY SEALED!Plot Summary: The Dark Knight of Gotham City starts his war on criminal activity with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal JokerAfter a young kid witnesses his parents' murder on the streets of Gotham City, he grows up to end up being the Batman - a mysterious figure in the eyes of Gotham's people - who takes crime-fighting into his own hands. He initially emerges from the shadows when the Joker appears - a badly disfigured person who is out for revenge on his previous company and normally likes to enjoy - but the identity of the' bat' is unknown. Maybe millionaire Bruce Wayne and professional photographer Vicki Vale have a likelihood of finding out? 1999You Are Bidding On: One Original 1989 Pictured!Michael Keaton ... Batman/Bruce Wayne Jack Nicholson ... Joker/Jack Napier Kim Basinger ... Vicky Vale Robert Wuhl ... Alexander Knox Pat Hingle ... Commissioner Gordon Billy Dee Williams ... Harvey Damage Michael Gough ... Alfred Jack Palance ... Grissom Batman (1989) Directed by Tim Burton Other posters & products pictured offered in our e Bay shop. You are bidding on the spotlighted posterGood Luck ~ ~ ~