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Batman Gates Of Gotham from DC Comics

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Batman Gates Of Gotham from DC Comics
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At the turn of the century, three prominent households shaped the design of present day-day Gotham Metropolis. Now, a madman with three-hundred kilos of explosives and a century-aged grudge is threatening to carry it all crashing down. Starting with the simultaneous destruction of some of Gotham's oldest bridges, the mysterious villain is targeting the holdings and legacies of Gotham's most notable households--which includes the Waynes. 

To uncover the fact driving the villainous Architect and his website link to the city's violent past, Batman unites with Robin, Red Robin and Batman Inc.'s Hong Kong operative the Black Bat. But can they end their new foe's plans prior to it really is also late? The long term of Gotham started with an explosion, and it could end the extremely very same way...

The critically acclaimed scribe of Batman Scott Snyder groups with sizzling young writer Kyle Higgins (Nightwing) and Ryan Parrot for a mystery that stretches again to the earliest days of Gotham, with artwork by the all-star group of Trevor McCarthy, Dustin Nguyen, Graham Nolan and Derec Donovan.