Batman The Brave And The Bold Vol 3

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Batman The Brave And The Bold Vol 3
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The Gotham City Store and staff are proud to make available the Commissioner favorite 'Batman The Brave And The Bold Vol 3'.

The availability of this popular item is from Warner Home Video; who is 'DC Comics' licensed, and is a well known company folks can rely on.

The 'Batman The Brave And The Bold Vol 3' is a common choice purchase.

The cost of the Batman The Brave And The Bold Vol 3 is great and is most assuredly recommended. It is a favorite selection with savvy shoppers. Warner Home Video has added some stunning craftsmanship which results in the highest value for your money.

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Manufacturer Description

Typically outmatched in powers but never in wits, Batman and fellow DC Comics Super Heroes Green Arrow, Aquaman, Bronze Tiger and The Atom require down villains of all styles and dimensions in this enthralling assortment, like the greater-than-daily life humanoid Despero and the microscopic toxin in Batman's bloodstream that could be lethal. Just when "Bats" thinks he has this universe below handle, he discovers a parallel globe in which Batman is the villainous Owlman! It will require all his cunning and courage to defeat this evil counterpart, specially when Owlman travels to Gotham City and convinces our globe that Batman has turned criminal. So several heroes, so little time to showcase all the thrills from the hip and humorous new animated collection that has followers flying large!