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Batman Beyond Season One Dc Comics Classic Collection from Warner Home Video

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Batman Beyond Season One Dc Comics Classic Collection from Warner Home Video
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Manufacturer Description

Terry McGinnis was just an everyday teenager...till his father was mysteriously murdered. Suspecting foul participate in at his father's organization Wayne/Powers Company, Terry meets Bruce Wayne and learns a mystery identification concealed for decades. Now as well outdated to struggle injustice, Wayne refuses to help. So Terry does what any brash younger kid would do: steal the Batsuit and consider issues into his own arms! Vowing to avenge his father's demise, Terry dons the substantial-tech match ? tricked out with jetpacks, a supersensitive microphone and even camouflage abilities ? in search of his father's assassin. Get in on the action from the beginning of a new partnership between an ex-crimefighter and his apprentice.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Rebirth, Pt.1 Audio Commentary: Audio Commentary with Bruce Timm- Producer, Alan Burnett- Producer, Paul Dini- Producer, Glenn Murakami- Producer, and Curt Geda- Director Shriek Audio Commentary: Audio Commentary with Bruce Timm- Producer, Alan Burnett- Producer, Glenn Murakami- Producer, Curt Geda- Director, and Stan Berkowitz- Author
Interviews:Inside Batman Beyond: Every Batman admirer wishes they could sit at a table with it?s creators of the sequence. Properly, now listed here?s a chance for that to consider area with a handful of surprises
Music Only Track:Music of The Knight: Bruce Timm intro?s the songs from 5 important scenes of Batman Beyond as you decide on which 1 you would like to listen to with dramatic songs only

Batman Beyond was the futuristic adhere to-up to the commended Batman: The Animated Series from the team of Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Andrea Romano, and other people (however considerably less self-winking for comics followers than that sequence). Large university kid Terry McGinnis's run-in with a biker gang known as the Jokers qualified prospects to a chance experience with a wealthy recluse named Bruce Wayne. McGinnis soon discovers that 20 a long time in the past Wayne was Batman, but has considering that retired from active duty. Not finding any help from Wayne, McGinnis swipes the Bat match--now tricked-up with improved energy, flight capacity, and nifty devices--and sets out to proper a incorrect perpetrated by his father's previous enterprise spouse, Derek Powers. Subsequent adventures in the thirteen-episode year deal with some teen hang-ups as well as supervillains, who are mostly new other than for Bane and Mr. Freeze. Superb voice work is by Will Friedle (McGinnis), Kevin Conroy (carrying on with his role from Batman: The Animated Series), Stockard Channing (as Commissioner Barbara Gordon), and visitor stars including Star Trek's George Takei. --David Horiuchi

Product Features

Actors: Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy. Format: Animated, Closed-captioned, Color, DVD, Subtitled, NTSC. Language: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround). Subtitles: Spanish, French. Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only). Not Rated. Run Time: 280 minutes.