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Absolute Batman Incorporated at Gotham City Store

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Absolute Batman Incorporated at Gotham City Store
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At the Gotham City Store, we are glad to stock the popular 'Absolute Batman Incorporated'.

The offer of this well respected item is from DC Comics; who is 'DC Comics' licensed, and is a manufacturer people can believe in.

The 'Absolute Batman Incorporated' is a great item.

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Manufacturer Description

Grant Morrison's epic saga is gathered below in its entirety, in this lovely new Absolute version. Bruce Wayne publicly announces that he is the fiscal backer of Batman and establishes a worldwide franchise of Batmen that will defend the entire globe. Signing up for him are odd heroes this kind of as Knight & Squire, El Gaucho and Batwing, as nicely as allies Nightwing and his personal son, Robin. However, it seems that as soon as Batman generates his personal crimefighting force, one more business rises to challenge him: Leviathan. As the war amongst the two forces reaches its apex, Bruce Wayne will experience the best tragedy of his daily life.

This New York Moments ideal-selling epic is given the Absolute remedy, formatted as an oversized slip cased version with extra reward supplies. Collects BATMAN, Incorporated #1-8, BATMAN, Incorporated LEVIATHAN RISES #1, BATMAN, Incorporated VOL. two #1-thirteen, BATMAN, Incorporated Unique #1.